Anti-semitic crime Berlin

Anti-Semitic Crime Down in 2016

Preliminary statistics from the Berlin police show 174 anti-Semitic hate crimes were committed in the Hauptstadt last year, according to the Tagesspiegel. About 194 similar acts were committed in 2016 and 140 in the year previous. Most of the crimes were committed in Mitte — 49 — with the least in Neukölln and Spandau, at 5 each, the paper reported. It cited a report from the interior ministry prepared on behalf of Green politician June Tomiak.  Most suspects were either neo-nazis or belonged to right-wing groups.

The majority of the crimes were Volksverhetzung (racial incitement) such as making public anti-Semitic statements or leaving such comments online. Only six people were victims of anti-Semitic violence, according to the paper. The official figures will be available mid-year but the number of actual crimes is likely much higher because of the Dunkelziffer, or the number of unreported crimes.



Photo of Berlin’s New Synagogue thanks Infinite Ache via Creative Commons and Flickr.

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