Anyone Know Suspected Murderer Josef Szczurek?

The Berlin police are looking for more information about Josef Szczurek who is accused of possibly killing two senior citizens in Prenzlauer Berg and living off their pension payments for over a decade.

The Berliner Polizei said on Sunday, Feb. 12, it had learned little from the suspect after he was arrested near the home of Heinz Neidhardt, who was found dismembered in his own freezer Jan. 9. Szczurek was taped on an ATM video camera withdrawing money from Neidhardt’s account and is also suspected in the disappearance of Irma Kurowski.

Frau Kurowski disappeared in 2000 and was officially de-registered in 2002. Suspect Szczurek had Kurowski’s property on him and used to run a second-hand shop near her apartment, according to the Berliner-Kurier.

The police said they are especially interested in anyone who knew the suspect during the years 2000 to 2008. Contact details can be found on this page.


Photo of the suspect thanks Berliner Polizei.

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