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Battle Over BER Boss, No Replacement Found

The supervisory board of Berlin’s unopened BER airport wants to fire current boss Karsten Mühlenfeld for doing what his predecessors did: Not open the airport, according to Tagesspiegel.

However, during an emergency meeting on Friday, the board was unable to agree on a replacement, keeping Mühlenfeld on the tarmac for the moment.

Topping the list of potential replacements is Michael Clausecker, former chairman of Bombardier’s German division and now CEO of private railway Rheinbahn AG. He used to be president of a rail-related lobbying organization, which shows he can handle public officials, according to the paper.

He has been considered for the position before.

Two current bosses of functioning airports are also reportedly in the running: Thomas Meyer in Munich and Michael Garvens at Cologne-Bonn airport.

While Berlin and the federal government are ready to fire Karsten Mühlenfeld, their partner on the supervisory board, the state of Brandenburg, still likes him but would accept his removal as long as a replacement can be found, according to the paper.

One other potential solution would install the deputy boss of the airport as an interim solution but, because he’s a confidant of Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, Müller would then have to resign from atop the supervisory board.

Is it any wonder this thing isn’t open?


Photo thanks Christoph Settgast via Creative Commons

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