Belgian Confesses to Kreuzberg Murder, No Motive

A 56-year-old Belgian confessed to killing an artist with links to Poland earlier this year in Kreuzberg after a night of partying, according to the Tagesspiegel.

Stephan M. made the confession during the first day of his murder trial at a court in Mitte and, although he reportedly could provide no motive because of the effects of alcohol, said he could recall Ewa K. biting him and standing in front of him with his pocket knife.

“I can only remember pieces,” the paper reported him saying at Berlin’s Landgericht. “I’ll never be able to forgive myself that it came to this.”

He reportedly said he especially regretted “that a son has now lost his mother.”

The suspect has confessed to being an alcoholic, according to the paper, and was in Berlin on holiday when he bumped into Ewa in a bar on March 17. She invited him back to her apartment near the Markthalle Neun marketplace and the duo stopped off at a Spätkauf (convenience store) along the way to buy wine.

Surveillance photos from the store would later lead to his arrest.

The pair had sex and then got into an argument, reportedly over spilled wine. Stephan M. then stabbed her in the neck, chest and arms. After the victim bled to death, the suspect panicked and set the nearby couch ablaze hoping to hide his tracks as he fled to Belgium.

The IT manager turned himself into Belgian police three days later after the picture from the convenience store was splashed across European media.

“My son called because he had seen a picture of me in the paper,” he told the court.


Photo thanks Berliner Polizei






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