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Berlin Adding Daycare Spots

Demand continues to outpace supply for daycare spots in the the Hauptstadt despite government efforts to open new facilities and hire staff, according to broadcaster RBB.

Although the problem previously only affected popular neighborhoods, it has now reportedly spread to less gentrifying neighborhoods – 50 of the 138 neighborhoods the Berlin senate has identified have worse supply than in 2014. Only three showed improvement.

Some 86 neighborhoods have strong or extremely strong demand for new daycare spots, which can cost the government as much as €20,000 each, according to RBB, citing a Berlin senate report. Moabit West is one such neighborhood – no open spots and growing demand.

Berlin’s government is spending nearly €200 million to create 30,000 new daycare spots in Berlin by 2020, Berlin Education Senator Sandra Scheeres told RBB. They’re focusing on both popular neighborhoods as well as problem areas.

From early 2012 to October of last year, Berlin had created 15,865 new spots in 481 kitas, according to RBB. There are currently 160,250 spots, which is equivalent to the population of Potsdam. In February, 6,250 were open, indicating capacity usage of 96 percent. But experience shows that the spots are filled by summer – July usually shows an increase of 5,000 filled spots, according to RBB.

On the graphic above, dark blue indicates neighborhoods with no reserves and rising demand. Light blue represents neighborhoods with more supply than demand.


Graphic thanks Berlin Senate

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