Berlin’s Population Growth Continues; Germans, Refugees

Berlin’s population explosion continued last year, helped along by refugees and Germans, but is expected to slow in 2017.

Some 60,500 people moved to Berlin and registered with the government in 2016 boosting, the population by 1.7 percent to 3.671 million, according to the Berlin-Brandenburg statistics office. The figure includes 4,800 German nationals who relocated to the Hauptstadt and 55,700 foreigners.

The influx of foreign nationals slowed in the second half, according to the office, which coincides with agreements to cut off the route through the Balkans for refugees. In the first half, 37,200 non-Germans relocated to Berlin while just 18,500 registered successfully in the final six months of the year.

Some 18.4 percent of Berlin’s population are non-German and a total 31.4 percent have a migrant background, which includes immigrants and Germans with immigrant backgrounds. It’s no surprise that Turkish immigrants make up the biggest sliver of Berlin’s immigrant population followed by Polish citizens and Syrians.

When it comes to Germans with immigrant links, Turkey still reigns followed by Poles and Russians.

What about English speakers? Full-year figures aren’t available yet but after the first half, 24,780 Americans called Berlin home and 18,810 Brits, according to the stats office. They didn’t provide numbers of Australians, Canadians and other predominantly English-speaking countries.


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