Eat the Rich: 21 Cars Damaged

Left-wing extremists damaged 21 cars in a garage in Rigaer Straßs in Friedrichshain late Thursday, Feb. 2, according to the Berliner Polizei.

The cars — some “highly valuable” — suffered damaged windshields and punctured tires, according to police. A nearby resident heard unusual noises as well as a car alarm before alerting the authorities.

“It’s completely inacceptable when people’s property is damaged and destroyed,” Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel told the Tagesspiegel.

Rigaer is a hotbed of left-wing activity and activists and police clashed there last year after a police raid. The cars were parked in the newly constructed Green Village building, according to the Tagesspiegel, which has suffered leftist attacks in the past.

Berlin investigators specialized in political attacks are heading the investigation because of statements reportedly sprayed on the garage walls including “Eat the Rich”.


Photo thanks Carsten Bach via Creative Commons and Flickr.

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