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Havanna Bouncers Wounded in Shooting

Police continue to look for suspects who shot two bouncers at the Havanna nightclub in Schönbeberg early Sunday, Feb. 12.

The duo shot at least five times at the well-known club and hit the two bouncers, 26 and 36, in the legs, the Berliner Morgenpost reported. The motivation for the attack is unknown.

The suspects shot from a moving vehicle in the northbound lanes of Hauptstr. and also hit a car traveling in the opposite direction, though no one in that vehicle was hit, according to the police.

Police do not know if the attack was related to attempts to shake down the club for protection money, as revenge for an unknown slight, as part of rivalries among bouncers or because patrons were denied entry to the club.


Photo thanks Daikrieg el Jevi via Creative Commons and Flickr.

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