How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways …

Being British right now is a trial. Every time I go out, people inevitably want to talk about Brexit. And specifically our so-called PM in waiting, the demented blancmange, otherwise known as Boris Johnson.

Reasons in a few sentences why Bojo is a lamentable human being and a terrible choice for PM.

Peggy Whitfield, feeling righteous rage in a kiez near you.

Possibly the least offensive thing Bojo has done in his political career.                                                                             Boris referred to black people as having picanninies and having watermelon smiles. Some Muslim women apparently look like letterboxes. He can’t say how many kids he has. His old boss, Max Hastings, thinks he’s a terrible human being. He was a disastrous foreign secretary, pissing off pretty much every European leader and managing to lengthen the sentence of a political prisoner in Iran by his bumbling lies. He signed off on illegal weapons deals to Saudi which were ended the lives of tens of thousands of Yemeni children. He wants a hard Brexit for no other reason that saying that might attract the support of the overwhelmingly white, old, rich, bigoted men who form the membership of the Tory party and who will decide if he becomes the next British PM.
                                                                                                                                                                         Boris Johnson, you are Fat Joffrey and I claim my five pounds.                                                             Peggy Whitfield, feeling righteous rage in a kiez near you.

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