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Illegal Renovations in Deadly Sauna Club

A gay sauna club where three men died in a fire Monday, Feb. 6, hadn’t been inspected since 1981 despite significant renovations, the Berliner Zeitung reported.

The owners failed to report the reconstruction of the club’s basement as part of its recent renaming to “Steam Works” from “Apollo Splash Club”, according to the paper. Two exits in the basement were also blocked.

“The borough must have a basic interest in conducting unannounced visits, especially after businesses change hands,” politician Tom Schreiber (SPD) told the paper.

The cause of the fire has reportedly not yet been determined though two of the three victims who died of smoke inhalation have been identified — both were residents of Berlin though they came from Italy’s and Spain.

The police say the fire likely started out of negligence or a technical defect.


Photo thank Sebastian Rittau via Creative Commons and Flickr.

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