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Investigative Group to Battle Right-Wing Crime in Neukölln

The Berlin police have launched a new workgroup against right-wing terror in Neukölln following a series of attacks against left-wing sympathizers and politicians.

The new workgroup, dubbed Resin (Rechte Straftaten in Neukölln, or Right-wing crime in Neukölln), hopes to solve the 20 attacks in the borough since October, including the setting on fire of the car of SPD politician Mirjam Blumenthal, according to the Tagesspiegel.

The new five-person investigative group was called into life by SPD Interior Minister Andreas Geisel and effectively resurrects the Berliner Polizei’s EG Rex predecessor, which was dissolved by Geisel’s CDU predecessor Frank Henkel in July, the paper reported.

TheAfD and CDU reportedly refused to back the new group.

In addition to Blumenthal’s car, the offices of the Falken (Falcon) youth group she leads has also been attacked by right-wing vandals. Arson attacks also damaged the car of the owner of the leftist Leporello bookshop in Rudow as well as that of Detlef Fendt, an activist from the IG Metall union in recent days, according to Tagesspiegel.


Photo thanks Karl-Ludwig Poggemann via Creative Commons and Flickr


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