Leftist Threats Lead to Cancellation of Talks

Threats from leftists over the planned appearance of an AfD politician at a series of talks in a Neu Köln bar led to the May 12 cancellation of the event series, the Berliner Zeitung reported.

The threats reportedly expressed displeasure with an invitation for right-wing Bundestag candidate Andreas Wild, who represents the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party, to speak at the May 16 Kneipengespräche (Bar Talk) election event organized by the local Kiez und Kneipe Neukölln (Neighborhood and Bar Neukölln) newspaper.

“An anonymous caller threatened me and said I should watch out and be sure I didn’t fall off my bike,” Kiez und Kneipe publisher Petra Ross told the paper. “Our advertising customers are being contacted and asked to distance themselves from us.”

The idea behind the series was to give candidates for the local Bundestag district an opportunity to meet and discuss with their potential electorate. The events only included parties that had been elected to the local council, or Bezirksverordneten-Versammlung, and were to be held in Schiller’s on the quickly gentrifying Schillerpromenade in Neukölln.

The threats were also accompanied by online complaints from the Solidarische Aktion Neukölln, according to Berliner Zeitung.

“It’s sad that democrats continue to think it’s necessary to force a conflict and provide right-wing extremists a platform that makes their slogans and discussions ready for the daylight,” the group reportedly posted.

In its own statement, the paper said it was merely trying to give politicians and chance to speak and selected parties who were elected to office in the neighborhood.

“It wasn’t easy for us to invite the AfD to this kind of discussion,” it said.


Photo thanks Kulturkneipe Schiller’s


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