Newsletter 12. Februar 2017

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Here’s what happened in the Hauptstadt this week:

Illegal Renovations in Deadly Club

A gay sauna club where three men died in a fire Monday, Feb. 6, hadn’t been inspected by authorities since 1981 despite significant renovations … MORE

Third-Graders Falling Behind

An alarming number of Berlin’s elementary school kids are lagging behind standards with non-German children suffering the most. Attempts to hire new teachers are faltering because of increased requirements …MORE

Three-Year Taser Trial

Berlin’s elite police units have carried tasers for years and now a handful of beat cops will try the weapons in hopes of reducing the number of suspects shot by police. Berlin politicians are not convinced … MORE

Electricity Prices Going Up

Vattenfall will hike its usage fee April 1 and is just one of hundreds of utilities raising prices this year. Everyone’s blaming higher renewable energy subsidies … MORE

Anti-Semitic Crime Down

Hate crimes against Jewish residents and institutions fell last year, according to preliminary figures … MORE

21 Cars Damaged in F-Hain

Leftists are suspected of damaging 21 cars Thursday night in a newly constructed parking garage in Rigaer Straße. The unidentified vandals also left behind some interesting graffitti … MORE

Two Men on Trial for Pedophile Ring

I missed it last week but two men went on trial for a broad pedophile ring Friday, Feb. 3. They’re accused of more than 400 acts and the related investigation may prosecute additional suspects. The Local’s got the story. 

Sportsball: Soccer, Hockey & Formula E

Hertha lost twice (Borussia Dortmund in the DFB Pokal and Schalke in Gelsenkirchen) putting them in 6th place. Union tied against Dresden, leaving them in 5th. And, ugh, the Eisbären lost brutally in Wolfsburg (1-7!). They’re now 10th of 14 teams. Live in F-Hain? You’ll be glad to hear the Formula E is back at Tempelhof this year. … MORE 

Blogging: Some Militaristic Words that Aren’t

Ink killer. Germans make children learn to write with fountain pens, like 16th century monks. The kids need some way to correct their mistakes and that way is TintenkillerMORE

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