Newsletter 12. März 2017


Newsletter 12. März 2017

Good morning!

Not so crime-heavy this week but things still happened in the Hauptstadt. Hope you weren’t scheduled to fly somewhere Friday.

Here’s what happened in our favorite city this week:

Polar bear baby Fritz found dead

Berlin’s Tierpark Zoo is still trying to find the cause of death of four-month-old Fritz, Berlin’s second celebrity polar bear, who died Monday. His liver was enlarged, which docs said was a sign of infection.  The Wave has more

AirBnB Growing, to Offer New Service

AirBnB continues to grow even though Berlin has a somewhat new law outlawing vacation rentals. The main reason? It’s cheaper, says a real estate company (MORE). AirBnB also wants to allow people to charge its customers to accompany them on clubbing adventures in the Hauptstadt. Businessinsider has that bad idea

No Tolerance Zone Lifted at Görli

The Berlin senate has decided to end its crackdown on drugs at Görlitzer Park. Cops will now only pursue dealers and those in possession of hard drugs. The crackdown didn’t work, politicians say…MORE

New Chamber Music Hall

The Hauptstadt got yet another Frank Gehry-designed building or, rather, room. The chamber music hall opened Saturday in Berlin. Here’s an LA Times article

Bike Super Highways!

Well, that’s the plan at least. Berlin approved 13 new high-speed biking routes at the end of February. They sound great. Let’s see if they happen. Citylab has more

City Wants to Buy Back Charite Service Unit

It might be a bit obscure but it shows the red-red-green government really does care about the working man. They want to buy back part of a company that employs the hospital’s cleaners, security guards and blood couriers so they can get more pay … MORE

Airport Strikes

Verdi, a union, called a general strike at Berlin’s airports as it works to increase the hourly wages of ground staff. They currently make about €11 per hour and the union would like €1 more. The Local has DPA’s story

Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Eisbären

Union may be kicking its way into the First Division, Hertha is kicking back (ergo, they lost) and the Eisbären aren’t quite kicking butt in the playoffs (they’re tied 1:1 in a best-of-five series). Oh, and Turbine Potsdam finally gets back to kicking this weekend … MORE

Blogging: Don’t Wear a Suit on the Ringbahn

The Ringbahn can still be an adventure sometimes. Sometimes you know it will be an adventure… MORE


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