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Newsletter 10. September 2017

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Two Murder Victims Discovered Friday

The body of an unidentified 47-year-old man was discovered with stab wounds early Friday in Stegltiz. And the body of 60-year-old art historian Susanne Fontaine was discovered that afternoon near the Schleusenkrug beergarden. Police have few clues so far. MORE

City Not Adding Apartments Fast Enough

A study conducted for the city shows that Berlin isn’t adding enough apartment stock to provide relief to skyrocketng rents and housing prices. Government housing agencies are trying to help but new regulations aren’t. MORE

Farting While Under Arrest is Allowed

A Berlin court ruled that flatulence cannot be considered an insult to nearby police officers. During a February identity check, Christoph S. let a few fly and was fined €900. A court said the fine wasn’t OK. The Local has the story.

Tempelhof to Get Visitors Terrace, And More

Work has begun on a visitors’ terrace atop Tempelhof’s historic building, adjacent to the control tower. It’s just the first phase of a three-step renovation that will add exhibition space and, natürlich, a cafe. Story here

Belgian Suspect Confesses to Artist’s Murder

A 57-year-old Belgian IT worker confessed to the March murder of Kreuzberg artist Ewa K. after a night of partying. The confession came during the first day of the suspect’s trial, which will continue Monday, Sept. 11, in Mitte. MORE

Artists Nervous After Samwers Buy Their Building

A number of artists in Wedding are worried about the future of their studios after German Internet wunderkinds and venture capitalists the Samwer brothers were involved in the purchase of their building. The city blew its bid to retain ownership. Artnet has more

The Bierpinsel is For Sale

Wanna own the dopest flat in one of Berlin’s less dope neighborhoods? The Bierpinsel — beer paintbrush — in Steglitz is for sale. Price? €3.2 million. Here’s the ad (and some pix).

How a Berlin Start-Up Started Up

They met while in business school in Leipzig and will now help you get dressed. Like most Berlin startups, it’s a copy of more successful ventures elsewhere but, hey, at least it’s our copy! The FT tells the tale

Helping Film Buffs With Their German

Got a Berlin library card? Then you can access the library system’s new streaming service, which specializes in European films and TV series. Why it has an English name is anyone’s guess: MORE

Podcasting: Of Elections and Couches

Listen to the Ex-Berliner’s Konrad Werner and comedian Drew Portnoy discuss a few big German news items and Konrad’s new couch in News des Nachrichtens.

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