Newsletter 13. Mai 2017


13. Mai 2017

Good morning!

Here’s what happened in our favorite city this week:

North Korean Hostel to be Closed Among U.N. Sanctions

Authorities are working to close The City Hostel Berlin in Mitte because it belongs to the North Korean government. U.N. sanctions now forbid commercial activity on North Korean embassy grounds. The building is Cold War chic – I went to a great party there pre-hostel. The NYT story.

New Rent Index Tells Us What We Already Know

The new Mietspiegel (rent index) doesn’t come out until next week but one paper was leaked a version and average rents have jumped 9 percent in the past two years. Legislation to slow rent increases is apparently having little effect…MORE

Trial for Youth Who Set Homeless Man Alight

The trial for six men between 16 and 21 suspected of attempting to set a homeless man on fire in a subway station began this week. This Deutsche Welle story is a bit aged and it’s since emerged that the defendants have partially confessed — but say they meant no harm during the Christmas season attack. The Wave.

Having Trouble Finding an Actual Bank? No Wonder.

By the end of the year, 87 bank branches have closed or will have closed since 2016. It’s a mix of banks looking to save money and eliminating overlaps that resulted from mergers. Suburbs are hardest hit, as are seniors. Us Internet-savvy folk probably handle most of it online…MORE

Campaign Event Cancelled Over Leftist Threats

A neighborhood newspaper in Neu Kölln cancelled a series of talks with Bundestag candidates after leftists phoned in threats because one of those candidates came from the right-wing AfD party. The paper was only inviting candidates from parties that are already participating in government…MORE

The Latest Plans for Teufelsberg

The pile of WWII detritus known as Teufelsberg will become a museum and artist colony if a developer has his way. It’s the latest in a string of never-realized proposals for the site — director David Lynch once promised to make it a center for transcendental meditation. ART FORUM with the deets.

From Bar25 to Hippie Village

The story’s a couple weeks old but here’s the Guardian’s take on the do-good village that once housed some of the city’s best nightlife: Holzmarkt. GRAUDIAN

Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Alba

Hertha lost May 6 to RB Leipzig 1-4, putting them in 6th in the Budesliga. Union Berlin lost 1-3 May 8 against BTSV (aka Braunschweig) leaving them in 4th in the 2. Liga. Turbine Potsdam, Berlin’s womens team, lost May 7 to Wolfsburg 3-1. They’re in 2nd now. Over in basketball, Alba Berlin is tied 1:1 in a best of five series against Bayern in the quarterfinals of the German league.

Blogging: Why I Took German

Hint: It wasn’t because my great-grandmother was German. And, if I’m honest, I didn’t even like German class. BERLINERISCH


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