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Newsletter 17. September 2017

Good afternoon!

Yes, I’d forgotten what the sun looked like too. Maybe save this newsletter for the office tomorrow. There’s coffee to drink in the sun today.

Here’s the Hauptstadt happenings from last week:


Suspect Arrested in Tiergarten Murder

Police in Poland Monday arrested a suspect in the murder of an art historian near Bahnhof Zoo last week. He is apparently neither German nor Polish and used the victim’s cellphone. Read on…


Problems at Lollapalooza, Again

Lollapalooza festivalgoers often had to wait hours to return home after organizers failed to take the commute into account. The festival apologized and announced a new venue for next year’s attempt: Berlin’s Olympic grounds in Charlottenburg. The Local has the deets.


Two More Murders

A man was shot and killed outside a Neu-Hohenschönhausen nightclub early Saturday and a woman may have been pushed off a balcony in Mitte mid-day. Enough with the murders, Berlin. Read on…


Hospitals Pledge to Add More Birthing Capacity

Berlin’s hospitals don’t have enough delivery rooms or midwives to handle the city’s never-ending baby boom. The government Friday got everyone together to come up with some solutions. Time will only tell if they work. Read on…


Court Disagrees With Berlin AirBnB Ban

A Berlin court said the city erred in not granting a resident a permit to AirBnB his apartment. His lawyers said the ruling shows the city’s anti-vacation apartment regulations are wrong and AirBnB called for reform. TechCrunch tries to explain.


Berlin’s Art Fair Hoping to be Competitive

Art and Berlin may be intertwined in most people’s minds but the city has had trouble creating a viable art fair. Cologne’s convention company is hoping to help. Artnet does a good job of explaining.


Business Schools are Helping Berlin’s Startups

I’ll be honest: Nothing is more antithetical to my Berlin than business school. But they appear to be doing good, ahem, business here these days, which is helping the Hauptstadt’s fledgling businesses. The FT has some great stats and stories.


Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Turbine

Hertha tied last Sunday against Bremen and then again Thursday against Bilbao in the Europa League. They’re 11th in the Bundesliga now. Union Berlin tied against Eintracht Braunschweig Friday. They’re 8th in the second league. Turbine Potsdam beat MSV Duisburg Sept. 9, puting them tied for first in the women’s Bundesliga.


See You Next Week With More Hauptstadt Headlines!

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