Newsletter 14. April 2017


14. April 2017

Howdy! Short and sweet this week because I’ve had visitors from two different continents and we’re spending the weekend on the beach. Plus: Berlin always seems to start holiday weekends early.

Happy Easter!

Oh No! My Cupboards are Bare!
Don’t worry. I put together a quick list of grocery stores that are open over the holiday weekend (yes, even Sunday!) so that your guests don’t have to suffer because of your bad planning. There’s even an organic food store on there, the result of what I like to call the Prenzlauer Berg effect. MORE

Berlin’s Building (Another) Wall Too
The touristic urge to take a piece of the Mauer home is damaging the East Side Gallery, the collection of Cold War art that adorns Berlin’s favorite former barrier. After a renovation that cost millions, the artist initiative the oversees the wall now wants to erect a railing to keep tourist-vandalists back. The Art Newspaper chips away at the story.

Neutral Means Neutral
A Christian teacher was recently affected by Berlin’s neutrality law that forbids religious symbols in schools. She was asked to remove a crucifix necklace. The Local’s story.

Obama to Visit Berlin Again
Everyone’s favorite former prez will visit Berlin May 25 to kick-off the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant church. He’ll also talk Democracy with Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate, just a brisk walk from the Siegessäule where he once held a massive campaign event. Will he run against Merket as Bundeskanzler this fall (I kid)? The Guardian has more.

Berlin’s Big Ape Turns 60
Fatou, a gorilla at the Berlin Zoo, turned 60 this week, making her the oldest gorilla in Europe. At least, that’s what everybody thinks — no one’s sure of her exact birthdate since she was used by a sailor to pay his bar tab before she came to the Hauptstadt. The Wave’s story.

Hertha, Union, Alba: Sportsball This Week
Hertha beat FC Augsburg Sunday at Olympia Stadion 2-0, putting them in 5th place in the Bundesliga while FC Union, Berlin’s Second Division team, tied 2-2 away at Fortuna Düsseldorf, leaving them at 4th in the 2. Liga after leading just two weeks ago.

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam, the professional women’s team, doesn’t play until the 23rd at home against SC Freiburg.

Berlin’s pro basketball team, ALBA BERLIN, are 6th in the league and beat the Walter Tigers Tübingen last Saturday at home 89-72. Four games left in the regular season…

Blogs: Looks Like Spaghetti But Tastes Like Ice Cream
As the weather gets warmer and Germans tire of Spargel, their fancy will soon turn to sunbathing and ice cream. A blog post on the best kind of ice cream in Germany — Spaghettieis! Complete with a how-to video  here.


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