Newsletter 19. Februar 2017


Newsletter 18. Februar 2017

Good morning!

You did it. You survived the Berlinale and Hertha almost beat Bayern. Maybe next year.

Here’s what happened in our favorite city this week:

Youtuber, Comedian Akboga Commits Suicide

You may have known Kazim Akboga from his “Is mir Egal” spot for the BVG but he was also a star in his own right. He’s dearly missed. Handelsblatt Global has more.

Landlord, Kreuzberg Baker Face Off

A Kreuzberg baker and his customers are fighting against an eviction order from the shop’s London landlord, who said the baker’s skills were wanting. It’s the latest battle against gentrification in Berlin …MORE

Suspect in Custody but Who is He?

Berlin police are looking for more information about Josef Szczurek, a man they suspect of murdering two Berlin senior citizens. He allegedly pocketed their benefit checks and was arrested near the scene of a gruesome discovery … MORE

A Rabbi on Sonnenallee

Die Zeit went for a walk down Sonnenallee with a rabbi, clearly as provocation. Nothing much happened but he had some stories to tell about being Jewish in Berlin. Last week we noted anti-semitic crime was down.

Two Bouncers Wounded in Shooting

Two doormen at the Havanna nightclub in Schöneberg were wounded in a driveby shooting. The cops have no idea who shot the pair or why… MORE

CDU’s Henkel Eyes Bundestag

Controversial former interior minister Frank Henkel (CDU) wants to run for a spot in the Bundestag. He has to win over his party first, then voters. If he doesn’t get elected directly, he may still make it… MORE

Unification Memorial Back On

The on-again, off-again monument to German unity is on again. It looks like a giant seesaw and would be built in front of the new palace in Mitte. The Local’s got the story.

The Berlinale

Berlin’s annual film festival is all but over. I always find the best coverage at the Ex-Berliner, probably because it’s mostly written by my friends. Click here.

Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Eisbären

Hertha tied to Bayern Munich and are now in 6th but Alba lost to them on the same day (crazy, I know). Union won and our hockey team both won and lost … MORE

Blogging: Berlin has Some Great Playgrounds

Which is a great thing because if you have kids, you’ll be spending a lot of time there (protip: Bring beer)… MORE

See You Next Week With More Hauptstadt Headlines!

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