Newsletter 26. März 2017


Newsletter 26. März 2017

Good morning!

It seemed like a slow news week last week until I was putting this together. Never underestimate Berlin.

Stay safe and have a good week!

FC Union in fist place in the Second Division

Berlin’s beloved Second Division team FC Union beat 1. FC Nürnberg 1-0 a week ago to put them atop the Bundesliga’s Second Division and give them a very real shot at ascending to the top division next year. The team seems more authentic and fun than big brother Hertha, a two-dimensional corporate club. FC Union itself has more.

Murder Suspect Taken Into Custody

A Belgian citizen suspected of killing a 41-year-old artist in Kreuzberg last week turned himself in to Belgian authorities just days after the crime. He says he didn’t do it…MORE

More Assaults Against Women

Three women were the victims of violent attacks in Berlin last week. The assaults included a robbery and a racist incident as well as one that left a woman with a head injury at Alexanderplatz…MORE

Real Estate Prices Growing Faster Than Wages

A somewhat odd study discovered that real estate prices are growing much faster in Berlin than paychecks. The only cities where real estate is more expensive relative to income are Hamburg and Munich…MORE

Yet Another Construction Delay in Berlin

No, not BER. The extension to the U5 that would connect Alexanderplatz and the Hauptbahnhof likely won’t open until 2021. It’s current planned opening in late 2020 is already a year later than originally planned and hasn’t taken into account the difficult tunnel work below Museum Island…MORE

A Photo Essay of Stations and People

The Guardian shot photos of Berlin residents with their respective subway stations. The pictures are sometimes annoying, sometimes intriguing and sometimes completely predictable. Kind of like Berlin, I guess. Here you go.

Turks in Berlin Head to the Polls

The city’s Turkish residents can now vote on their home country’s referendum to give the president more powers. The referendum has sparked diplomatic rows in Europe as Turkish politicians looked to campaign among residents living abroad. The Wave can tell you more

Sportsball: Eisbären, Turbine

After hibernating for much of the season, Berlin’s hockey pros, the Eisbären beat Mannheim in the playoffs to make it to the semi-finals. Both they and first-place Munich have now won a game in their best-of-seven series to see who goes to the championship. Hertha was off last week and Turbine Potsdam, which leads the women’s Bundesliga, won 1-0 away at FC Sand Sunday.

Blogging: Syllabic Abbreviations

These quirks of the German language are everywhere. The cupboard. The gym locker. And maybe on your Uncle Bennie’s head…MORE

See You Next Week With More Hauptstadt Headlines!

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