Newsletter 28. Januar 2017


28. Januar 2017

Good morning! Sunday is Verkaufsoffener Sonntag. Go shopping!

Here’s what happened in the Hauptstadt this week:

Berlin Recovers More Than 1,500 Long-term Rentals

The Berlin government returned hundreds of flats to the long-term rental market in the first nine months of 2016 as part of its two-year old crackdown on short-term vacation rentals.

Landlords were forced to convert 1,518 illegally rented vacation apartments to long-term residences in the period , the Berlin senate’s office of urban development said … MORE

Government Unveils New Refugee Housing

The Berlin government on Friday, Jan. 27, unveiled the first of 10 planned modular refugee residences that will eventually offer shelter to as many as 4,000 refugees.

The building in Wittenberger Straße in Marzahn has room for up to 100 refugees and features linoleum floors, a gray facade and floor-to-ceiling windows … MORE

Bus Driver Discovers 35kg of Pot

An astute bus driver on Thursday, Jan. 26, discovered baggage containing 35 kilograms of marijuana as he was readying his vehicle for a trip to Vienna via Dresden, Berlin police said.

The bus driver was placing baggage into the bus’ luggage compartment at the ZOB bus terminal when he noticed an odd smell and asked a c0-worker to find the luggage’s owner … MORE

Rents Up By as Much as 47%

Rents continued to jump in Berlin by as much as 47 percent last year, backed by increases in property prices as the Hauptstadt’s popularity shows no sign of abating.

Kaltmiete rents – the basic leasing fee – on new residential leases climbed to an average €9 per square meter last year, an increase of 5.6% over a year earlier… MORE

New Group to Tackle Right-Wing Crime in Neu Kölln

The Berlin police have launched a new workgroup against right-wing terror in Neukölln following a series of attacks against left-wing sympathizers and politicians.

The new workgroup, dubbed Resin (Rechte Straftaten in Neukölln, or Right-wing crime in Neukölln), hopes to solve the 20 attacks in the borough since October, including the setting on fire of the car of SPD politician Mirjam Blumenthal … MORE

The S-Bahn is Sick of (Some) Ticket Checkers Too

The S-Bahn Berlin on Tuesday said it was considering firing the security company contracted to ensure riders have valid tickets after five employees were accused of pocketing fines and refusing to issue receipts.

The railway said cancelling the contract would be its last resort but that it expected Frankfurt am Main-based WISAG, the security company, to take demonstrable measures to prevent such fraudulent acts in the futurel … MORE

Double Murder?

A 55-year-old man accused of murdering a Prenzlauer Berg pensioner and stashing the corpse in the victim’s apartment is now suspected of a second murder after police discovered a connection between the suspect and a missing neighbor, also a pensioner.

Police reportedly began to suspect the man Monday in the second case after they found he had accessed his missing neighbor’s bank account … MORE

… a blog post: Why Merkel’s Safe

At the moment, Chancellor Angela Merkel feels like that big sister that annoyed you your whole life but, sometime in your 20s, you realized had been OK all along. I’m still no fan but she’s a welcome lifeboat on this all-too-familiar sea of nationalist, fascist tendencies.

Now that Merkel’s seen as the final outpost of humane, sane governance, everyone keeps asking me if I think she’ll survive the populist virus afflicting most of the rest of the western hemisphere  … MORE

And BER didn’t open again. The Economist explains best (click).

See you next week with more Hauptstadt headlines!

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