Newsletter 4. März 2017


Newsletter 4. März 2017

Good evening!

The news is a bit heavy on crime and people being unkind to each other this week. Sad face. I guess that’s life in the big city sometimes. Be awesome to each other, please.

Here’s what happened in our favorite city this week:

Homophobic Attack on Tram

A gay couple was accosted early Saturday morning and then attacked in an M10 tram. Police are looking for a two men and a woman in connection with the assault, which left one of the victims with facial injuries… MORE

Leftists Hit Upscale Ex-Pat Eatery

The battle against gentrification in Kreuzberg turned violent this week when vandals attacked the Vertikal restaurant with spray-painted slogans before breaking windows. The restaurant is adjacent to the Filou bakery, which is being evicted after 20 years in the location…MORE

Fatal Car Race Leads to Murder Convictions

A Berlin court Monday found two defendants guilty of murder after their late-night car race near Kurfürstendamm led to the death of an innocent motorist. The court said the two men had such wanton disregard for life that they were murderers, potentially setting a precedent for such prosecutions. The Wave has more.

Kreuzberg to get New Bike Paths, Parking District

The government of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg hopes to add bike paths to Kottbusser Damm and Zossener Strasse. The move requires some regulatory approval as well as construction. While the plans are just starting, the government has already agreed to begin charging for parking in Oberbaum City, near the Universal Music building …MORE

Fifth Acid Attack on Woman by Cyclist

A cyclist in Berlin has been attacking women with acid since December. The latest victim suffered injuries to her eyes and police are still trying to find more about the suspect and their motives. The Local has the story.

Leadership Crisis at BER

As the Germans say: After the crisis is before the crisis. Two of the three partners in Berlin’s under-construction airport want the current boss grounded but they have yet to clear a replacement for landing who could get the thing off the ground. Using airport puns is the only way to continue reporting on this disaster. … MORE

Still Not Enough Daycare Spots

The Berlin government is trying to meet demand for daycare spots throughout the city but isn’t quite there yet. They’re focusing both on popular neighborhoods as well as socially weak areas — a single spot can cost taxpayers as much as €20,000 … MORE

Sportsball: Union in the Bundesliga?

Second Division kickers Union are now in second place, positioning them for elevation into the first league next season. They’ve been doing well — and the Eisbären are through to the next playoff round… MORE

Blogging: Das Speibecken

I’ve never seen one in Berlin but apparently smaller pubs throughout Germany have special toilets for vomiting. Just like the Romans! … MORE

See You Next Week With More Hauptstadt Headlines!

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