Newsletter 8. April 2017


Newsletter 8. April 2017

Good morning!

I was out of town last week so I got a little behind on the newsletters. Playing catch up here.

The Internationale Gartenausstellung, or International Garden Show, starts Thursday, April 13 in Marzahn. If you’ve never ventured out there, now’s your chance. There’s a gondola!

Here’s what happened in our favorite city last week(ish):

Cops Nab Mauerpark Assault Suspect

The Berliner Polizei are now regularly releasing security camera footage to catch suspects and Wednesday arrested a 17-year-old for a surprisingly brutal attack in Mauerpark. They traced the victim’s phone to a grocery store and reviewed camera footage…MORE

No Updates After $4.5M Gold Coin Heist

The newest news is that Berlin police have yet to make any arrests in the theft of a giant gold coin from the Bodemuseum on Museum Island. They released pictures of the tools the thieves used but haven’t made any more updates on their investigation. Here’s the NYT story of the theft with a fantastic lede.

Brandenburg Gate Doesn’t Honor Russian Terror Victims

Berlin opted not to light the Brandenburg Gate to honor the 14 people killed in a recent terrorist attack in St. Petersburg (it also didn’t light the landmark to honor the four victims of the attack in Stockholm Friday). In the past it honored the victims of attacks in other cities, which led to criticism over the St. Petersburg decision. Reuters

1,600 Women Asked to Provide DNA

Since police were unable to find the mother of a baby who died after being abandoned in a Lichtenberg park last year, they have now asked 1,600 women to provide DNA samples in an effort to locate her. Only women of southeastern European descent were invited to the mass collection…MORE 

Anti-Semitism Forces Student From School

A report that a Berlin teen-ager switched schools following anti-semitic bullying made headlines around the world. Deutsche Welle has a pretty good wrap-up of the initial story and the fallout.

Rosa Parks Moves to Berlin

First there was the Rosa Parks elementary school in Kreuzberg and now the Detroit house of the American civil rights hero has found a home in Berlin. An artist had it shipped to Wedding. The Local has the story.

Should the African Quarter be Renamed?

There is a push to rename streets in Wedding’s African Quarter since it hearkens back to Germany’s colonial past. Many of the streets are named after colonialists guilty of atrocities. The Guardian can tell you more.

Let the People Decide Tegel’s Future

Berliners have resisted the closure of Tegel since the Berlin government and its partners in BER announced the mothballing as part of the new airport’s opening. Now proponents have gathered enough signatures to put the question on a ballot. But keeping it open would require significant legal wrangling. Reuters, again.

Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Eisbären

Since we last talked, Bundesligers Hertha lost to both Hoffenheim and Mönchengladbach, 1-3 and 0-1, respectively. They’re now in 6th place in the league. Meanwhile the Eisbären, the hockey team, lost to league leaders Red Bull München in the semi-finals, knocking them out of the trophy hunt. Still, semis.

And, ugh, Union Berlin. This newsletter’s favorite Berlin team also lost twice, to Hannover 96 and Erzgebirge, 0-2 and 0-1, respectively. After tantalizingly leading the league for a week and raising hopes of elevation to the Bundesliga, Union is now in 4th place in the Second Division.

Turbine Potsdam, the womens soccer team. Tied SGS Essen 1-1 last Sunday, putting them in 2nd in the Frauen Bundesliga.

Blogging: Some Thoughts on Terror in Germany

Ok it was written this summer after the attack in Munich but it still has some good points. Terrorist attacks are nothing new. MORE


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