Newsletter 27. February 2017


Newsletter 27. Februar 2017

Good morning!

I’m a little late this week — apologies. But we’ll be back on the Saturday schedule for the first week of March. Blame it on the Oscars.

Here’s what happened in our favorite city this week:

SPD Wants to Legalize Marijuana

The center-left SPD, which rules together with the Greens and Die Linke in Berlin, wants pot legal in the Hauptstadt. More realistic: It wants to end zero-tolerance zones in known drug hotspots…MORE

Police to Launch Subway Patrols

Berlin’s police have agreed to begin patrolling subways for eight hours each day. They’re not saying which eight hours to keep crooks on their toes…MORE

Population Growth Continues but Slowing

Refugees and a renewed influx of Germans kept Berlin growing last year but statistics experts say the brakes are already on…MORE

Terror Victims Get Autopsy Bills

The families of victims of December’s terror attack were sent threatening bills for the autopsies of their loved ones. Condolences were also sent out late by the capital’s government. More at The Local.

Syrians Changing Berlin Foodscape

Syrian refugees in Berlin are already having an impact on the city’s sometimes monotone food choices. A good impact, says Ex-Berliner.

Sportsball: Hertha, Union & Fisticuffs

Berlin’s soccer clubs had a good week and Union might even be eying a spot in the majors. But Hertha’s hooligans kept cops busy. Oh, and our hockey team is in the playoffs … MORE 

Blogging: The Accent Known as Berlinerisch

The capital city’s accent is more than just an accent, it’s also an attitude that’s equal parts humor, indifference and animosity … MORE

See You Next Week With More Hauptstadt Headlines!


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