Is P-Berg Suspect Guilty of More Murders?

A 55-year-old man accused of murdering a Prenzlauer Berg pensioner and stashing the corpse in the victim’s apartment is now suspected of a second murder after police discovered a connection between the suspect and a missing neighbor, also a pensioner.

Police reportedly began to suspect the man Monday in the second case after they found he had accessed his missing neighbor’s bank account. No body has been found for Irma K., who lived in the same building as the suspect in Naugarder Str., but police said she disappeared in 2000.

Irma k. Photo: Polizei Berlin

Her address was deregistered with Berlin in 2002, making it difficult for officials to check on her.

“We’re assuming that the man primarily lived on the income or the assets of the victims,” Martin Steltner, spokesman for Berlin’s prosecutor’s office, told RBB.

Police discovered the first body in Hosemannstr. after responding to complaints of a “moldy” stench from an apartment, BZ reported. The suspect was reportedly taken into custody near the crime scene and matched pictures of a man withdrawing cash at ATMs from the victim’s account.


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