Mauerpark attack

Update: Tips Leads to Arrest in Mauerpark Attack

Police early on Thursday, March 6, arrested a 17-year-old man suspected of brutally attacking a woman in Mauerpark and stealing her cellphone.

The arrest came just hours after police released security camera pictures and a video of the suspect, which led to the suspect’s identity, the Berliner Polizei said.

No additional details about the teen-ager were released.

The woman was hit from behind with a brick while jogging through Mauerpark at about 9:35 p.m. March 19. The victim reportedly fell to the ground and was then struck again by her attacker, leaving her with a broken jaw and hand, according to Berlin police.

The victim wiggled out of her jacket and fled to Gleimstrasse — leaving her jacket and cellphone with the attacker.

The photos were from a nearby grocery store shortly after the attack, according to Berlin media reports. The police tracked the suspect by following the victim’s cellphone and say an injury on his right hand apparent in the photos was suspicious.

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