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Postbank Tower to Become Micro-Apartments

German retail bank Postbank has begun the move to its new offices in Moabit after selling its 89-meter high office tower on Hallesches Ufer to real estate investor CG Immobilien two years ago.

The 500 Postbank employees will now work from the former Interior Ministry building on the banks of the Spree in Moabit, according to the Tagesspiegel. CG Immobilien reportedly hopes to convert the tower into 320 micro-apartments ranging in size from 42 to 82 square meters as well as areas for socializing and marketplaces, in keeping with Digital Nomad trends.

The project is called “VauVau” and is being planned by architects Eike Becker but is already running into resistance from borough politicians who told Tagesspiegel that GC Immobilien hasn’t kept its promises on at least one other project.

“From what I know, the CG Group has made broad commitments that would increase a neighborhood’s value, especially in connection with a different project in Rigaer Straße,” Building Commissioner Florian Schmidt was quoted by the paper. “According to my reports, not much of that has been fulfilled and CG appears to be pulling back from putting what they’ve agreed to in writing.”

The project is the center of a broader remake of the development north of the Möckernbrücke U-Bahn station. An additional 500 apartments will be built as part of the overall development, including about 180 low-rent units that will be overseen by government property manager DeGeWo, according to Tagesspiegel.

None of the projects reportedly have the final approval to move forward with construction.


Photo thanks Eike Becker architects.




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