Rapper Infidelix + BVG Kontrolleure = No One Wins

American rapper and Berlin resident Infidelix is getting plenty of media attention in the Hauptstadt but not for his sick rhymes – it’s instead for a violent video he posted to Facebook that led to the firing of at least one BVG ticket inspector.

Infidelix, known to his parents as Bryan Rodecker, and an unidentified buddy were on a train at the Warschauer Strasse station Nov. 16 when they were asked to produce tickets. Rodecker says in a Facebook post he had a valid monthly ticket but his friend didn’t. To avoid a fine, his friend took off running.

In retaliation, the checkers confiscated Rodecker’s ticket, leading to a physical confrontation between him and several BVG employees in which he was placed in a headlock and punched in the face. A bystander filmed the fracas.

“Of course nobody should be punched in the face,” BVG spokesperson Petra Reetz told tabloid B.Z. But she said Rodecker provoked the Kontrolleur by slapping a ticket machine out of their hand and attacking at least one of the men. The incident was recorded on the station’s closed-circuit TV.

“My neck is in extreme pain… they humiliated me, bullied me, and stole from me,” Rodecker says in his Facebook post.

The BVG has since returned his transit pass.


Posted by INFIDELIX on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Photo thanks 16bars.de.

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