SPD Wants to Legalize Pot

Berlin’s center-left Social Democrat party wants to legalize marijuana and launch a pilot project to lead the way for the Hauptstadt’s tokers.

SPD parliamentarians on Thursday, Feb. 23, met to discuss the proposal and work toward eliminating so-called “no-tolerance” zones in high-drug areas such as Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg, according to the Tagesspiegel.

“The prohibition zones have famously failed,” Thomas Isenberg, a spokesman for SPD parliamentarians on health issues, was quoted by the paper. “We have to finally adjust our drug policy to fit reality … and regulate the existing market so that users are safe and decriminalized.”

The no-tolerance areas have only tied up police powers with little to show for it.

Some 41 percent of Berliners between 15 and 64 have reportedly smoked cannabis at least once. The SPD also wants to strengthen addiction prevention and counseling in schools.

The SPD now governs Berlin together with the Green Party and Die Linke, who agreed to similar policies as part of their coalition negotiations.

The conservative killjoys at the CDU, now in opposition, remain against the legalization of weed.

“The SPD is taking the wrong path with this gateway drug and their sought-after new cannabis policies for Berlin,” wrote Florian Graf, the head of CDU parliamentarians, on the CDU fraction’s web page.


Photo thanks Berliner SPD.



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