Start the Day with Ten lengths

So, I’m in bed and it feels early but in fact it’s 8am. We’ve switched class to the afternoon and instead I’ve arranged to get up and go swimming but am not feeling it.


Orla, my flat mate however is not having it. And of course as soon as I’m there it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. We’ve missed the early morning workers rush and there is a slight lull before the masses arrive. There’s just me and for some reason a large number of pregnant women and some men who are doing ridiculous stretching exercises before getting in. (Why do stretching exercises before swimming when swimming is stretching??)

After swim

And after you have swum you can relax and chill and read and observe.

Well I managed 10 lengths but is a 50 meter pool so that’s 20 normal lengths right…..

And really what a great way to start the day.


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