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Street Racer Murder Trial Nears End

The murder trial for street racers Hamdi H. and Marvin N. is likely to conclude this week with closing arguments by the lawyers of the defendants, according to the Tagesspiegel.

The lawyers are reportedly likely to give their statements Thursday and the court a verdict Monday, Feb. 27, after the prosecutor demanded life sentences as well as lifelong driving prohibitions for the pair.

The trial is the first of its kind because the prosecutor is asking the court to find the defendants guilty of murder for recklessly racing along Tauentzienstr. in western Berlin shortly after midnight Feb. 1. The pair had no consideration for bystanders, leading to a willful killing, the prosecutor alleges.

If the court finds in favor of the prosecutor, the case could set a new precedent.

During a race with Marvin, Hamdi M. ran a red light and t-boned a jeep while going 160 km/h in his white Audi 6 TDI. The Jeep’s driver, 69-year-old Michael W., died at the scene, according to the paper.

“Hamdi H. essentially flew through the Jeep, which turned from Nurenberger Str.,” prosecutor Christian Fröhlich was quoted by the paper. The crash catapulted the SUV about 70 meters.

The trial has raised hackles among car enthusiasts and led to calls for better policing along the areas surrounding Breitscheidplatz, which for years have been popular cruising areas and impromptu race tracks.

Neither defendant is from the neighborhood — Hamdi hails from Moabit and Marvin from Mahrzahn.


Photo thanks Dennis Skley via Creative Commons.


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