Vattenfall Berlin

Vattenfall Raising Electricty Prices

Utility Vattenfall, the dominant provider in Berlin, is raising its prices April 1 to account for higher renewable energy subsidies, according to the Berliner Zeitung.

Vatenfall, which is based in Sweden, will retain the base fee of €8.20 but increase the usage fee nearly 4 percent to €29.79 per kwh from €28.48.

The boost means an average household that uses 2,200 kwh would pay €2.40 more per month.

The increase applies to Vattenfall’s “Grundversorger” basic tarif. Any user that hasn’t selected a different provider is automatically lumped into the tarif, according to the paper, which said the increase affects “hundreds of thousands” of Berlin residents.

Vattenfall is just 1 of 385 utilities raising prices to offset the renewable subsidies.


Photo thanks Laddir Laddir via Creative Commons and Flickr.

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