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Zero Tolerance Zone Lifted at Görli

The Berlin senate lifted its zero-tolerance policy for drugs and drug dealing in Görlitzer Park after the policy had little effect on the activity in the popular Kreuzberg park, RBB reported on Wednesday, March 8.

The police will reportedly continue to have a strong presence at Görli but now only possession of more than 15 grams of marijuana will be pursued, as in the rest of Berlin. Possession of hard drugs and all dealing will remain illegal.

“The police has had enough of chasing toking tourists,” Raed Saleh, head of the SPD in the Berlin parliament, told the broadcaster.

Ending the no-tolerance zone was part of the agreement that formed Berlin’s new red-red-green government. They’ve also made noise about legalizing marijuana and bolstering drug counseling activities.

The policy was put in place by Berlin’s previous conservative government.

Marijuana and its derivatives account for nearly 70 percent of all drug crimes in Berlin, according to the paper. And while possession under 15 grams is generally illegal and can be ticketed, prosecutors rarely pursue charges because the public doesn’t believe in such charges and the user was likely only using the drug personally.


Photo thanks Daikrieg el Jevi via Creative Commons.

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